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Teasingly I blow on your nipples until hard. Waiting until they get soft my hands work their way up your legs. Slow and with a slight hint of a tickle. Kissing your nipples they get hard again. My fingers pull down your soaking wet panties. With care I caress your inner thigh getting close to your pussy but never touching it...

Mmmm get of anon, your driving me crazy <3

I want to look into your eyes and play with your hair. I would twirl your hair around my finger into a curl. It would uncurl and I would slowly run my hands through your hair to straighten it out. As I do that I would get closer and closer until I'm gently biting your lip, enough to make it bleed but no hurt. Slowly I would kiss you work my way down. Light kisses barely touching your skin until I'd reach your supple breasts. The kisses get lighter and lighter. Leaving you wanting it back.

That sounds amazing. Get off anon PLEASE! <3

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The night was filled with the most amazing date ive ever deen on. Dinner, carnival and a movie. Throughout the whole movie there was crazy sex tension building. We go to his house and i decide to start to tease him. I sit him on the edge of the bed and go behind him and give him a quick massage then i walk infront of him and give him a strip tease/Lap dance, but he cant touch me yet. When im done with the lap dance he grabs me and lays me on the bed and immedetly forces his hard cock in my tight pussy, i scream out in pleasure. He starts speeding up with amazing force, my nails dig into his skin as he bites my neck and i know, that night is far from over.


Mmmm send me stories of fantasy&#8217;s of us and help me finish ;D

Mmmm send me stories of fantasy’s of us and help me finish ;D

unf. is there a way to see more of both of you right now, or do I have to wait? :(

You have to wait, we are thinking about doing a shower Photo shoot tommarow ;D